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Wind farm with more than 80 wind turbines secured by IntelliLock

From conventional locking cylinders to fully digital access control with personalized access permits – a wind farm with more than 80 wind turbines is now taking this step towards greater safety and efficiency.

In order to simplify the access management for his Vestas turbines and to ensure that the door status is monitored, the operators came to TIMM Technology GmbH to jointly develop a suitable concept for the wind farm. The main task was to be able to actively and digitally assign access permits to third parties in order to end the management of physical keys and prevent associated risks such as key loss or unauthorized use of the keys.

In addition, it should be monitored which doors are opened when, who enters the wind turbine and burglaries and unannounced access should be reported automatically. With the digital access control IntelliLock from TIMM, the requirements could be fully met.

During a joint assessment of the wind farm, it was decided to replace the existing mechanical locks with electric security locks with mechanical locking cylinders that can be controlled by the IntelliLock system. An IntelliLock base module is installed in each wind turbine and connected to the Internet via a network cable within the secure park network.

Are you also considering what digital access control and management for your assets could look like? Or are you directly affected by the revised KRITIS regulation and need to ensure the IT security of your systems using suitable organizational and physical measures? We at TIMM Technology will help you to find a modern solution for your access management. Our IntelliLock system is specifically designed for the diverse requirements of the wind industry and can be flexibly adapted to your needs and installation situations. Feel free to contact us!


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