TIMM joins research network focused on security automation

TIMM joins research network focused on security automation

Goal is to adapt IntelliLock for other industries

TIMM has joined the research network “Automated increase of security”. Aim of the network is to develop future-oriented security solutions for private and public spaces considering human, organizational, and technical aspects. The network consists of 12 partners with a diverse set of core competencies ranging from IT, technology, and security services to academic research. Most of the network partners are based in Northern Germany.

The network offers the opportunity to realize development projects not only as a single company but also in cooperation with one or more network partners. In doing so, the individual core competencies of the companies can be used. We will draw on our experience from the IntelliLock development in order to adapt the product for other industries that face a similar challenge, i. e. managing access to many decentral assets from a central location.

The research network as well as resulting research projects are supported by the ZIM program of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

For more information about our branch renewable energy and the smart access control system IntelliLock, please visit www.intellilock.de/en.