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The Locking System for Wind Turbines

The Locking System for Wind Turbines – Mitigating Downtime Losses!

Wind farms, or simply put, each wind turbine, typically sustains itself through the revenues generated when electrical energy is fed into the grid. When a wind turbine is unavailable, it usually stems from two reasons:  
  1. A planned outage due to maintenance or other scheduled shutdowns of the wind turbine (e.g., inspection). In such cases, downtime is anticipated. The appropriate specialists are on-site with all necessary authorizations and spare parts.
  2. An unplanned outage of the system due to a malfunction or vandalism. This invariably occurs at the most inopportune moment. A technician or a team must promptly travel to the wind turbine.
      1. Are they all authorized to enter the facility?
      2. What spare parts are required, and where are they stored?
      3. And lastly, does the technician have the correct key at hand?
If no key is available or the wrong one is dispatched, the downtime of the wind turbine accumulates. This leads to escalating monetary losses.   The following example (simplified) aims to illustrate losses due to downtime:

*1 Losses in Wind Energy Conversion:

41% of wind power not extractable (Betz limit)

5% aerodynamic losses

4% mechanical losses (friction in bearings, shaft, and gearbox)

5% electrical losses in generator, converter, transformer, and cables

On average, 45% of wind power is fed into the grid.

IntelliLock ensures that anyone authorized to enter a wind turbine gains access, regardless of whether a key has been sent by mail or collected manually at the control room, as this process can be eliminated.

Additional information: IntelliLock


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