Grounding clamps ATEX-certified

Grounding clamps ensure a safe connection between the object to be grounded (e.g. tanker truck, silo trucks or container) and the grounding cable or grounding control device. They dissipate static electricity from the object to the designated grounding point in order to avoid the risk of an explosion in potentially explosive environments.

The ATEX-certified grounding clamps from TIMM are completely made of stainless steel and therefore very sturdy and durable. A rubber insulating sleeve offers the operator a pleasant feel, making it very easy to use and protecting the clamps at the same time. Thanks to its sharp teeth, it offers a firm hold on the object and thus makes an important contribution to safe grounding.

TIMM grounding clamps are certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres of zone 1 (gas) and 21 (dust) according to the ATEX directive.

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