• Project specific configuration possible by modular design in the subrack
  • The KCP Processor Module incl. the interface to the host system and the KCI Interface Module for connection of field devices can be linked to another
  • A processor group with several interface boards can be operated up to 32 slaves
  • The interface module enables a safe electrical isolation between the bus circuits and the processor module
  • To transfer data between the installed peripheral devices located in the hazardous areas (card readers, input terminals, EUS-2 Overfill Prevention Controller) and the host control system e.g. terminal administration and automatization Software
  • To build-up an explosion-proof intrinsically safe data bus and realization of the connected field devices
  • Field devices act in concert at one interface module – no star-shaped cable lay
  • The KCS realizes data traffic between the connected field devices and the superordinate computer system in such a way that the field devices can be addressed directly from the computer system (slave addressing)
  • Interface to the superordinate computer can be configured as RS422, RS232 or TTY
  • The universal Siemens SP3964R is used as protocol
  • The interface cards are approved for gas group IIB and IIC

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Combinable system components

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