Please remember that many dusts in conjunction with air have a high risk of explosion. Flours, sugars or aluminum dusts are well known as an explosion hazard. But even the dust of products such as fertilizers, rubber, tobacco, spices and many other substances can cause explosions. Therefore, when processing such products, conductive big bags must be used. Grounding is required for these types of big bags to prevent ignition due to electrostatic charges.


  • For all FIBC type C according to IEC 61340-4-4 (107 Ω and 108 Ω)
  • Tamper-proof through digital measurement technology and automatic object recognition
  • Simultaneous monitoring of two big bags
  • Relay and NAMUR control outputs
  • Autodiagnosis system for permanent self-monitoring of all safety-related functions
  • Easy handling thanks to cable quick couplings and the integrated plain text display
  • Mounting the main unit at a distance of up to 20m from the workplace possible
  • Mounted stationary at filling and unloading stations for FIBC
  • In industrial filling processes with combustible materials in particle form
  • ATEX approval (zone 1/2 and 21/22)
  • Controlled discharge of static electricity
  • Immediate interruption of the filling process when unsafe earth connection occurs
  • Complies with all currently valid standards for the EMC and ATEX directive
  • Permanent self-monitoring that the maximum resistance values ​​in the discharge connection are not exceeded
  • Additional control output
  • Multi-colored, high-intensity LED display for visualising the operating status, for fault diagnosis or setting of the object recognition
  • Internal OLED-Display for fault diagnosis, setting of the object recognition and data interface
  • Extremely durable housing, especially resistant to chemicals and other environmental influences

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