The Grounding Control Device EKX-4 LT (low temperature) is the specialized cold-proof version of the standard EKX-4 device suitable for use in extremely low ambient temperature (e.g. in Siberia). An additional housing with a self-regulating heating combined with our special cold-resistant grounding cable allows utilization in a temperature range from + 50 °C down to – 55 °C.


  • For operation in environments with extreme temperatures (e.g. Siberia)
  • Prevents manipulation due to object recognition (by measuring the impedance)
  • Opening of the housing during operation in gas hazardous areas is allowed
  • Automatic diagnosis system self-monitors all safety-related functions continuously
  • Due to the cable compensation, it is also possible to connect cables up to 30 m
  • NAMUR-compatible Ex i control output
  • For use during loading and unloading of tank trucks, silo trucks and rail tank cars in Russia and the further countries of the Eurasian Customs Union
  • Use in gas and dust hazardous areas of zone 1 (equipment category II 2 G) and 21 (II 2 D)
  • Controlled derivation of the static electricity
  • Immediate interruption of the loading operation when unsafe grounding connection consists
  • EAC Ex approval according to the currently relevant TR-CU 012/2011 regulation
  • Self-regulating heating prevents cooling of device components
  • Device configuration (e.g. “road tank truck“, “railway tank wagon“) via internal switches
  • Easy adjustment of the limit values for object detection to local conditions
  • Continuous self-monitoring of the redundant output signal
  • Additional control output
  • Multicolored LED display to indicate the operating status, failure diagnosis and object recognition settings
  • Extremely sturdy housing, especially resistant to chemicals and other environmental influences
Type of Protection:According to TR-CU 012/2011 regulation:
1Ex e q [ib] IIC T4 Gb X for zone 1
Ex t [ibD] IIIC T80°C Db X for zone 21
EC Type Examination:TC RU C-DE.ГБ08.B.02301
Power Supply:230 V AC ± 10 %, 50 Hz, ca. 10 VA
type of protection “increased safety“ Ex e
Measuring Circuit:Max. Uo = 6,7 V; Io = 68 mA; Po = 114 mW
Max. 50 m (ex related specification, functional limitations must be observed)
Type of protection Ex ib / ibD Only for connection of the grounding cable
The measuring circuit is grounded
Contact Release Output:Switching power max 250 VAC 3 A 100 VA
Type of protection “increased safety“ Ex e
2 voltage free closer, internal monitored
Auxiliary Output:Switching power max. 250 VAC 3 A 100 VA
Type of protection “increased safety“ Ex e
voltage free changeover contact, not monitored
Electronic Release Output:Max. Ui = 20 V Ii = 20 mA Pi = 400 mW
Inner capacitances Ci negligibly small
Inner inductances Li negligibly small
Type of protection “intrinsic safety“ Ex ib
1 NAMUR-compatible transistor output
Internal resistance: 1 kΩ or 11 kΩ
Modulation: 10 Hz, duty factor 1:1
Protection of Enclosure:IP65
Operation Temperature:- 55 °C up to + 50°C
Dimensions (W x L x H):305 mm x 440 mm x 185 mm
Weight:ca. 12 kg

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