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Grounding equipment for your safety

The grounding control devices and overfill prevention controller of TIMM stand for safety during the loading operations at tank farms, refineries, chemical plants and various other industry areas since 1963. Thanks to an intelligent combination of different explosion protection measures the devices not only comply with the common rules of explosion protection but facilitate an efficient operation and protection against false use.
The grounding portfolio contains the simple TIMM Bite grounding clamps and cables as well as grounding control devices for active electrostatic grounding.

The devices of the EKX-series detect a good grounding connection of the object (e.g., trucks, big bags, IBC, barrel) and signal the safe state via signal lamps and relay outputs to the operator and the process control system.
The EUS overfill prevention controller monitors the filling states, grounding connection and the gas recovery hose during bottom-loading processes of tanker trucks. In case of an unsafe state, the device can interrupt the loading processes via its internal relay outputs. The device is thus considered the central control unit of the overfill protection system and complies with the European standard 94/63/EG and the API RP 1004