Accessories and wear parts for our grounding control devices can be directly ordered in our online shop. For our entire product range, please do not hesitate to contact our German sales team or one of our sales partners.

Our online shop is currently available to German customers only. For orders from or delivery to foreign countries, please contact our sales team or our local sales partner in your country. The contact details of our international sales partners can be found under Sales Partners.

Our standard delivery times are listed for each product in the online shop. In case a different delivery time is required, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

Our products are specified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. You can find the corresponding information in the technical data. Examples for industrial applications can be found on our website under Industries. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team for technical advice.

Please order the cable type 2 x 1.5 mm² as grounding cable for use with the current EKX-4 Grounding Control Device. For predecessor models such as EKS-3, EKN-3 or EKK-3 Grounding Control Device, please order the cable type 1 x 6 mm².

If you need a grounding cable for other than mentioned grounding control devices, please check the conformity of the technical specifications (e.g. the number of wires inside the grounding cable, the permissible diameter of the wires, the permissible cross-section of the cable glands).

The 1-pole Grounding Clamp is suitable for Grounding Control Devices EKX-4, EKS-3, EKN-3 and EKK-3. The 2-pole clamp is meant for applications with our current EKX-4 (2-pole) and former EKK-3/C Grounding Control Device for grounding of drums and containers.

For safety reasons, we recommend using a grounding control device for each type of container. A 2-pole grounding control device is required for grounding of drums or other small metal containers that are standing insulated from ground (e.g. on a wooden pallet). Please contact our sales team for the various applications of our EKX-4 (2-pole) Grounding Control Device.

On the Cable Reel maximum 10 m of grounding cable can be winded up. If a longer grounding cable is required, the remaining cable remains on either the rear or the clamp/socket side. Please note, our ATEX cable reels are approved for use in gas hazardous areas (zone 1 and 2). For use in hazardous areas of combustible dust (zone 21 and 22), we recommend using our coiled grounding cable instead of the cable reel.

The cable compensation function compensates the undesirable electrical capacitance of the grounding cable, which could heavily influence the measuring result of the object-recognition during grounding. Thus it increases the accuracy of the detection of road tank trucks and enables the safe use of grounding cables with a length of more than 10 m.