FAQ Grounding control devices, clamps, cables and cable reels

For our current Grounding Control Device EKX-4 including the variant EKX-4 (2-pole) you always need the cable type 2 x 1.5 mm². There are differences in the cable assembly for the versions with the 1-pole grounding clamp (for EKX-4) and with the 2-pole grounding clamp (for EKX-4 2-pole). For this reason, we recommend using only original TIMM accessories.

If you look for grounding cables for TIMM grounding control devices of the previous generation EKS-3, EKN-3, EKK-3, please order the cable type 1 x 6 mm² respectively the cable type 2 x 2.5 mm² for the EKK-3/C device.

For use with other grounding control devices than those mentioned above, please check that the technical specifications of the grounding test devices match (e.g. number and cross-section of the wires, permissible cross-section of the cable glands).

The 1-pole Grounding Clamp is suitable for Grounding Control Devices EKX-4, EKS-3, EKN-3 and EKK-3. The 2-pole clamp is intended for applications with our current EKX-4 (2-pole) and previous EKK-3/C Grounding Control Device for grounding of drums, IBC and containers only.

For safety reasons, we recommend using a grounding control device for each type of container. A 2-pole grounding control device is required for grounding of drums, IBC or other small metal containers that are standing insulated from ground (e.g. on a wooden pallet). Please contact our sales team for the various applications of our EKX-4 (2-pole) Grounding Control Device.

A maximum of 10 m of grounding cable (type 1 x 6 mm² or 2 x 1.5 mm²) can be wound on the cable reel. If a longer grounding cable is required, the remaining cable will remain unwound as straight cable either on the back or on the front.

Please note that our ATEX-approved cable reels are approved for use in gas hazardous areas (zone 1 and 2) only. For use in hazardous areas of combustible dust (zone 21 and 22), we recommend using our coiled grounding cable instead of the cable reel.

The cable compensation function measures and compensates the own impedance of the grounding cable, which could seriously influence the measuring result of the object-recognition during grounding. For this purpose, the second wire in the 2-wire grounding cable with 1-pole grounding clamp for EKX-4 is used.

Thus, it increases the accuracy of the detection of road tank trucks and enables the safe use of grounding cables with a length of more than 10 m.

The clamp hanger is generally used for the safe and defined hanging up of the grounding clamp when it is connected to a coiled cable or straight Neoprene cable to prevent the risk of tripping or damages to the grounding clamp.

At the same time, an unintentional release of the grounding control device is avoided when the clamp is connected to the filling frame when the lower limit value has been set to zero ohms for grounding of e.g. railway tank wagons or barrels and containers. With active object detection for road tankers (lower limit is “on”), there is no release if the grounding clamp is connected to the filling frame.

The testing equipment TQ2 can be used to easily check whether the limit values for the object to be grounded (tank truck and/ or rail tank wagon) are still set correctly. In addition to this functional test, we recommend checking the correct and intact condition of the device and the connected accessories (cable, grounding clamp). It is important to ensure that the cover and the cable glands are closed properly so that the housing protection class IP65 is still available.

The cable and clamp should also not be damaged or worn out. The frequency of such an inspection is at the discretion of the operator and also depends on how often the grounding control device is used. However, we recommend at least an annual check.

The EKX-FIBC can be used for grounding of Big Bags Type C with maximum resistance values of 10 MOhm and 100 MOhm (according to IEC 61340). The operator if necessary can change the maximum resistance value – that means only one device is needed.

Yes, the EKX-FIBC is authorized for gas hazardous areas of zone 1,2 and dust hazardous areas of zone 21, 22. It can also be used in mixed environments of these zones.

The maximum cable length without external measuring module is limited to approx. 1,5 m.  If you are unsure if this cable length is enough for your application, we suggest going with the variant including one external measuring module.

Then, you have the opportunity of up to 20 m of cable length from the EKX-FIBC main device to the external measuring module and 1,5 m from the module to the grounding clamps.

No, the EKX-FIBC comes pre-configured and fully ready to use. The values of the object recognition are also preset and based on experience. That means, a configuration by the customer is only sensible in exceptional cases with special requirements.

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