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Grounding of Objects

in hazardous areas

During a process, static electricity can be generated by processes such as rubbing, atomising, pouring out of solid substances or during the flow of liquids and gases. This creates a potential difference between two substances or objects that can discharge briefly. Under certain circumstances, this discharge can cause a sparkover that could ignite an explosive atmosphere. Equipotential bonding measures are required to effectively prevent such dangerous potential differences. Equipotential bonding (grounding) is the discharge of electrical currents into the earth.

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Electrostatic Grounding

Why is Grounding important for safety?

  • Electrostatic discharges can cause damage to electronic components, which can ultimately lead to equipment failure or malfunction.
  • In explosive environments, electrostatic discharges can cause explosions, which can lead to injury or even death of people.
  • Grounding allows electrostatic charges to be safely discharged, minimizing potential hazards and thus increasing safety.  


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