Development project in the Renewable Energy division

Development project in the Renewable Energy division

Since the beginning of the “Energiewende”, renewable energy sources contribute an ever-higher share to our daily energy consumption. In Germany, wind power is the leading renewable source: More than 28,000 wind turbines generate electricity, both onshore and offshore.

TIMM has decided to join this development and today kicked off an innovation project in its newly established Renewable Energy division. The goal of the project is to develop a digital access control system for onshore and offshore wind turbines. The system will enable the wind farm operator to efficiently control who enters a turbine, and when – something which is also required by regulation. In addition, the system will simplify and streamline current processes as well as provide a higher degree of physical security to wind turbines.

We will develop this new product in close cooperation with leading players from the German wind industry. This will not only streamline the development process (as we will be able to test and verify early-stage concepts and prototypes along the way) but also ensure that we meet the customers’ requirements when we take the new product to the market.

We are proud that the state of Schleswig-Holstein has decided to support our project with funds from its BFEI program, making it the second publicly-funded innovation project at TIMM. The funding enables a rapid development process and also promotes the region of Schleswig-Holstein as innovative frontrunner in the wind industry.

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