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Current challenges in access control to wind turbines

New white paper provides more information

When you enter a wind turbine you quickly realize that those multi-million assets are insufficiently protected against unauthorized access, as only standard (tumbler) locks are used. Is this appropriate? Likely not, as reports on break-ins and resulting financial losses are a common sight in the media.

In addition, turbine manufacturers have been using the same master keys for a long time now. Inevitably, keys have been lost over time. A result is that today nobody can say with confidence who has a key and is able to enter a wind turbine. Proof that some keys have changed hands is publicly available on YouTube.

Wind farm operators are now faced with the problem that they are not able to effectively control and monitor access to their assets. At the same time, asset safety and security are main concerns to them as operators are the ones who are liable for secure and safe asset operation. In addition, steady cash flow requires smooth operation. Hence, asset security also is a hot topic for financial investors.

Access control to wind turbines provide another challenge if you look at underlying processes. Today’s processes still show room for improvement as regards efficiency and cost. 

Our white paper “5 reasons…” takes a closer look at the challenges in access control that wind farm operators are confronted with today. IntelliLock helps operators to solve these challenges efficiently.


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