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Connection problems at your wind farm? No problem!

Like all IoT devices, IntelliLock requires a reliable data connection in order to provide all functions as expected. However, wind farms are often experiencing data connection trouble, the reasons for which can be manifold: insufficient network coverage when using mobile routers, disruptions of the local glas fibre network or damages of buried cables due to agricultural machinery – everything is possible. The question is: what happens to IntelliLock, if the connection is lost?

In case the connection between the operation control center and IntelliLock is interrupted, the operator will receive an immediate notification with timestamp in order to facilitate troubleshooting. IntelliLock itself remains fully functional with regard to the core function, which is providing access only to authorized staff. With an appropriate access permit or by using our Offline PINs, you can still open the wind turbine and carry out the necessary tasks.

While the network is offline, the system will record any access and pass it on to the operator after the connection has been restored. No information will be lost. As consequence, the operator still has complete transparency on access to his assets, as is required by the applicable regulation.


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