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The Smart

Access Control System


for wind turbines: 
The Smart Access Control System 

Today, wind turbines are insufficiently protected against unauthorized access.

Gaining full control over turbine access is hard, as transparency on the master keys handed out by turbine manufacturers is limited. However, asset safety and security are crucial for operators
as they are the ones who are liable. 

Also, today’s access control processes show room for improvement with regard to efficiency and cost. That is why we developed IntelliLock.

Stop worrying about physical keys that are hard to control. With IntelliLock, you manage turbine access based on PIN codes that are easy to (de)activate.

IntelliLock’s real time monitoring function provides you with full transparency on turbine access and enables you to react immediately in case of unauthorized intrusion. As a plus, IntelliLock automatically locks the door if you close it.

IntelliLock enables you to grant turbine access from the operations control center. In emergency situations, this helps medical staff or firemen to enter without losing valuable time while searching for a key or breaching the door. Of course, IntelliLock also has a panic function so that technicians can escape dangerous situations at any time.

IntelliLock allows you to implement a fully automated access control procedure as it automatically logs who enters which turbine at what time. Hence, technicians can stop calling the wind farm operator to register before they start their work on a turbine. Moreover, think about not having to manage physical keys anymore.

IntelliLock lets you focus on truly value-creating tasks.


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Advantages at a glance

  • Keyless and entirely digital
  • Control and transparency in real time
  • Remote unlocking for emergencies
  • Personalized access permits
  • Customizable security alerts
  • Automatic documentation of access


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IntelliLock helps wind farm operators
to reach three goals:

Enhance asset security

Your benefit

High quality security locks Door monitoring in real time Customizable security alerts

Manage operator responsibilities

Individual access control

Define and control access rights to your assets Personalized access permits Complete transparency on who enters which turbine at what time

Operate efficiently

Efficient and effective

No more key management Entirely digital access control process Automatic documentation of wind turbine access

The base moduls

Control Unit

  • Manages system communication
  • Mounted on top-hat rail in existing cabinet or in dedicated box


  • Panic function
  • Single or multi-point lock available
  • Regular cylinder as backup (outages) is possible


  • For rough environments
    (-25°C to +70°C, IP 65)
  • Vandal-proof
  • Acoustic and visual feedback


  • Management of access permits and
    access control in real time
  • Customizable security notifications,
    e.g. for break-ins
  • Remote unlocking, e.g. in case of emergency

Optional Add-Ons


  • Stand-alone communication between multiple IntelliLock systems at the same wind farm
  • Avoids using the existing turbine network


  • Uninterrupted Power in case of outages
  • Provides electricity for at least 48h
  • Status is displayed in IntelliLock software​


  • Cloud hosting of the IntelliLock software
  • Access from anywhere, anytime, on any device via internet browser

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